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Our story

I am Gianluca and I am with my mother Marzia and my sister Annalisa

My father, Riccardo, for years owned land in the Pisan hillside, in the municipality of Volterra and Lajatico, and he was looking for more land to expand his grain production. During a car ride with a friend in the Florentine hillside, in the municipality of Gambassi Terme, he saw the Vaiano Farmhouse, he fell in love with the place and decided to buy it.

The great impulsive quality of my mother Marzia’s dreams, that captivated everyone, the entrepreneurial skills of my father and the hard work of the both of them did the rest.


Purchase of the old Tuscan farmhouse

The company became around 200 hectares between fields, forest, orchards and groves, situated on the hillside between 200 and 300 metres above sea level.


The Agriturismo Vaianino and the new olive grove is born

The My parents' dream comes true with the renovation of the old farmhouse and other buildings, with the construction of the corporate center and the installation of the new olive grove.


Organic production and the traceability system

The production of durum wheat, whole wheat, emmer, oat, clover, field bean and olive oil are rigorously organic, certified from the inspection team from Suolo e Salute s.r.l. (Soil and Health) - IT BIO 004


The choice of environmental sustainability

The photovoltaic system that produces electricity begins to operate and since then covers the entire electricity need of the company.
8 tons of CO2, carbon dioxide is saved from being released into the atmosphere annually.

Organic extra virgin olive oil and emmer

From the selling of bulk extra virgin olive oil, to its bottling, from the production of emmer, to its labelling, we pursue the new marketing needs of our certified organic products.


20 years of activity at the agriturismo

From the new playground, to the construction of the new terraces, from the transformation of the pool, from skimmer to an infinity edge, to the experience of tasting our oil and menu, to realize the pleasant needs of those who choose the agriturismo as a landing place for their holiday.


One hectare of organic vineyard is born: Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc and Canaiolo

My dream of making the vineyard and then in the future the wine, is realized with the planting of the new vineyard. I embarked on this adventure alongside the oenologist Dr. Alfredo Tocchini and in a few years also the organic red wine Sangiovese VAIANINO will be ready to be tasted.


Installation of the first charging stations for electric vehicles

In April 2022, the first two charging stations for electric vehicles arrived in Vaianino, which use our photovoltaic system to supply energy.

In May 2024, two new columns were installed for a total of four electric charging points.


A new coordinated image and new packaging

In 2023 we decided to commission the creation of our current image, a new logo that represents our idea of Tuscany and our values. But also a new harmonious line of labels that dress our products.


The story continues...