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Organic farming and more sustainable holidays on a farm

As an agritourism and agricultural company, we are planting the seeds for a greener future today

Organic production is a guarantee of quality and respect for the environment. Since 2002 we have been certified by the control and certification body Suolo e Salute srl – IT BIO 004. FromI commit ours are born for an agriculture that truly cares about the land Organic products. We grow:

  • durum wheat
  • Wheat
  • coconut spelled
  • oats
  • clover
  • broad bean
  • oil olives
From 2021 it grows, always with organic method, the new vineyard with Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc and Canaiolo grapes. Alongside us, the oenologist Dr. Alfredo Tocchini, with whom we are preparing to shape the organic Vaianino wine to come. Spelled, flour, pasta and extra virgin olive oil can be purchased online and directly in the company. To experience live the sensations and scents that the earth gives us, it is possible to book one oil tasting on a farm (depending on availability).

Being surrounded by organically cultivated fields allows us to welcome even slightly special guests: the bees nomads. We give other professionals the opportunity to station the creatures they follow; here they find blooms ranging from clover to sulla, as well as countless wildflowers who in this environment have space, freedom and strength to grow splendidly.

Choice of environmental sustainability

Since 2011, we have taken a further step towards environmental sustainability, inaugurating a photovoltaic system which meets the entire electricity needs of the company. This choice made it possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere of 8 tons per year.

We share the objectives of those who have chosen to travel towards a cleaner tomorrow, which is why we have installed four at our guests' disposal charging stations for electric cars inside the covered parking (extra service).

The hope is to offer increasingly sustainable holidays in Tuscany.