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Vaianino organic extra virgin olive oil chocolate salami, without butter and eggs

Chocolate salami is a simple dessert, but is always enjoyed in summer as an end to a meal or simply as a snack. This butter-free and egg-free dessert is lighter than the original version, precisely because it has ours organic extra virgin olive oil Vaianino instead of butter and it's without eggs. Good, worth trying and with the addition of Vin Santo del Chianti, you will like the taste. 

Crush with your hands in a 125 g bowl. of dry biscuits Oro Saiwa. Melt 100 g of 70% dark chocolate in the microwave in a suitable container and then add 20 ml of Vaianino organic extra virgin olive oil, 40 ml of lactose-free milk and finally half a glass of Vin Santo del Chianti; mix this chocolate cream well.

At this point, pour the chocolate cream into the bowl of crushed dry biscuits and mix well with a spoon. Turn everything out onto a sheet of greaseproof paper and wrap the cake in the shape of a salami. Close the salami tightly on the sides, as if it were a candy and place in the fridge for at least 6 hours. 

Happy snack!