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Farmhouse restaurant dedicated to guests

Exclusive agri-restaurant only for our guests, with typical Tuscan dishes based on the company's organic products and Tuscan farms, cooked byAgrichef Marzia.

Recipes and wines among the most loved by guests

We serve at the farmhouse restaurant dishes made with heart, but above all they meet the love of those who feel them. Between most popular recipes There are:

  • ribollita (typical Tuscan soup)
  • stewed wild boar
  • rabbit with Vernaccia
  • aubergine and pecorino tagliatelle
  • pici of Vaianino with tomato and basil sauce
  • spelled from Vaianino cold in salad
  • Cantuccini
  • tarts
  • panna cotta

Vegetarian options always available with the scents of the garden.

How to use the catering service

Dinners are organized on Tuesdays and Fridays, by reservation only and with a minimum number of guests participating in the service. The service can also be booked directly at the farmhouse from June to September.