ORGANIC Wholemeal Emmer Flour – 12 pieces of 500 gr


Vaianino organic Tuscan wholemeal spelled flour in 500 g bags - 12 pieces

Our organic farm VAIANINO uses emmer of the ancient species  Triticum dicoccum L. for the preparation of its fine organic emmer flour, grown in its own hillside land, in central Tuscany, in the municipalities of Gambassi Terme and Volterra.
Emmer Triticum dicoccum L. it is a natural source of vitamins (vitamin A, thiamine B1, riboflavin B2 and niacin B3) and mineral salts (iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium) and its consumption provides a high value of proteins and fibre, as well as a limited contribution of fats and calories. Low in gluten.
The transformation takes place in compliance with a rigorous and careful production process in compliance with the strict directives of the specifications that regulate organic production along the entire supply chain to obtain a safe and traceable food. The emmer used for flour production undergoes only one process, that of peeling, which consists in removing the external casings from each individual grain, while still maintaining a good percentage of fiber and nutritional values, and the milling then takes place on the bare grain which thus preserves most of the nutritional characteristics at the origin.
Whole emmer flour it is processed with stone mills at low speeds to keep the nutritional values of the Dicocco Emmer unaltered. In fact, unrefined flours are richer in fiber and have a better glycemic index.
VAIANINO organic Tuscan pearled Dicocco emmer flour it is excellent for all baked products: jam tarts, biscuits, focaccias, bread and pizza. Keep in a cold and dry place.
Control and certification body for organic production: Suolo e Salute
Weight 6000 g
Average nutritional values for 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1468 / 351
Fat 2.6
thereof saturated fatty acids 0.5
Carbohydrates 70
thereof sugar 2.5
Dietary fiber 6.3
Protein 12
Salt 0
Ingredients Dicocco Emmer. Contains gluten.
Weight 6000 g
Packaged by Az. Agricola Pieve a Salti di Prandi Elena - Loc. Pieve a Salti, 105/A - Montalcino (SI)
On behalf of Soc. Agr. Vaianino di Bassini Gianluca e Maso Marzia s.s., Montignoso-Vaiano, 81/A - 50050 Gambassi T. (FI), Italia
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