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Besafe Rate
Your holiday is safe.

Choosing rates BeSafe you book without worries, thanks to the cancellation and health insurance coverage included in the cost of your stay. You and your loved ones are safe from unexpected events*, from booking to check-out.
* Before booking, read the insurance conditions and related exclusions in the Coverage Booklet of the individual rates.
What the BeSafe rates include

The different types of BeSafe include travel insurance directly in your booking. In addition to cancellation coverage due to unforeseen events, you can have roadside assistance, healthcare assistance and much more* included in your stay, at no additional cost.

Benefits for you

Based on the type of BeSafe rate booked.
*Before booking, read the Coverage File


up to 100% of the stay in case of cancellation due to unforeseen events and net of any deductibles


medical expenses and medicines in case of accident or illness during your stay


reimbursement for theft or non-delivery of baggage


pandemic and fiduciary isolation included in insurance coverage


accommodation costs in case of forced stay in the city of stay


roadside on site (from 24 hours before the start of the journey)


reimbursement of unused stay in case of trip interruption;

We'll give you the insurance

The insurance covers included are free and valid for all participants in the stay, from the time of booking until check-out.

From booking to check-in | Cancellation guarantee – Refund up to 100% of the amount paid: The refund in the event of cancellation is valid for unforeseen events, such as illness (including pandemic/including COVID-19), hospitalization, accident, holiday cancellation, dismissal or new hire. From check-in to check-out | Assistance during your stay: From arrival to departure you will be able to benefit from health assistance, baggage guarantee, theft and roadside assistance.